Romo’s, Books, and Godsmack

Before I get to to the earlier Tumblr post, I want to plug a well deserved local eatery that I am very proud to find early on, with help of a friend

Romo’s Tacos and Mexican Food, Fargo ND

  • 3402 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103
  • (701) 364-9757


Romo’s in Fargo, North Dakota

A friend got into Romo’s as it’s one of her favorite places. This place has only recently opened and already gained enough popularity to also earn a location in downtown Fargo’s Black Building (118 Broadway N). It was my first time and their $9 dinner sized burrito, pictured above, not only filled me up once but twice as leftovers later that night. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I’ll gladly return and would highly recommend it to anyone.


In twenty five days, the Fall 2014 semester starts. I have my notebooks, OneNote, folders, new dry/erase board, etc all ready to go. The only thing I’m missing are all my books. I do have two of them early that I have been browsing through. I’m also beginning some work on a book on Perl (server-side language) that comes highly recommended by many technical blogs. The book is from the library, but I’ll get my own copy when I have the cash to do so. I’m hoping to find a better programming series that I like. So far, this book seems to come at the topic pretty straightforward.

I did plenty of thinking and think I have a school plot figured out, with some help of some friends and one semi-mentor lending thoughts. The only downside is I’m too eager to learn. I have to realize that I’m not going to get there all at once. Which is obvious, I know this, but it’s hard to not get excited and “weee”.

Grateful to the Fargo Public Library, I do also have books on:
Office 2013 (in depth)
Access 2013 (in even more depth)
Making Windows 8 Apps with C++
Wireless Networking
, and so on.

Most I don’t intend to read a whole lot but it gives me an idea if I find it interesting or not. With most computer (or Computer Science/Information Technology) books being so expensive, it’s much easier to do it this way. Then, I go with Amazon typically and by rating since most of these books are rated by geeks anyway.


Godsmack is set to release their sixth studio album titled 1000hp next Tuesday on August 5th, 2014. You can Pre-Order on Amazon now, although I do want to note I see a lot of “clean version” which I’m personally not a fan of. I like the dirty versions, I admit. At the band’s official website, you can check out the link to stream the album for free and hear it now. I’m personally waiting for the “it’s out” moment. Seeing Godsmack in Sioux Falls, SD was very awesome and I hope to see them on the road again very soon.