Sneak Peak

I am continuing to work on the blog that will be attached to However, as this will be attached to the site as the blog, it’s very likely going to be part of the redesign. Due to the fact that I don’t know exactly when that will be, I would still like to attach this design to the site as the blog and then add in additional pages and functionality. I’m attaching a sneak peak, however, there are many things still to change as you can see it even still says “Just Another WordPress Site”. Soon.


Upcoming PHP/MySQL Example

A quick update:

I am working on a PHP/MySQL database example to be added to that will enable visitors to add, delete, view, and edit items in a MySQL table. I encountered some connection issues when attempting to have PHP communicate with the MySQL database as the database was created locally. This has been resolved, however, I am amending some of the PHP functionally to work more appropriately with correct exception handling. My goal is to have this fully completed and added to the main site by Wednesday, May 25th.

In addition to this, as previously discussed, I am working on a WordPress CMS to have the blog truly attached to the websites, rather than a link to this blog. This work will take a little bit longer of course.

Many updates to come…

-Brian Wardwell